Michel Baud-Bovy is a Swiss scenographer and production director living in Geneva.  Since the start of his career in 1993, he has worked on a wide gamma of projects. Beginning as a Technical Director and progressing on to Production Director, his collaborations have multiplied as he has worked for cultural and business collectives.  His expertise in various event techniques (SAE Institute-qualified acoustician and France Television-accredited Director of Production) has given him a privileged position in communication with public (States and NGOs)  or private institutions (communications agencies, production firms, television networks) that have employed him over 100 times. Among his many projects, he has undertaken blockbuster events such as Geneva’s Year 2000 festivities, Miles Davis Hall Production Direction at the Montreux Jazz Festival and Switzerland’s entry into the UN.

In 2003, he launched his own events communications agency. Particularly sensitive to global brand communication and his clients’ positioning and identity, his agency developed a performance communications division and grew quickly. Within a decade, he would work for many prestigious clients (largely in the Luxury sector) developing some of these concepts and/or environments on four continents.

Attentive to market evolution and the transformation of his industry, Michel concentrated on the essence of his craft and founded Studio Baud-Bovy in 2016. Studio Baud-Bovy  is a design and scenography firm servicing agencies and brands, dedicated to creating ephemeral concepts. Passionate about space management and optimization, he studies, imagines, designs and transforms spaces to provide clients with unique sets taking into consideration the special features of each project.

He thinks of the evolution of new technologies and the growing integration of the phygital in modes of consumption as effective means to communicate, share and interact but also to prolong the life of ephemeral projects.

It takes rare know-how to unite business communication, design, event techniques and logistical imperatives. Creating unforgettable experiences on the edge of judicious scenography while remaining loyal to the brand or product is a magnificent challenge.”

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